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Lucid Listings Photo and Video was founded in 2021 by Ethan Yorke and Lindsey Gordon in their hometown of Lancaster, California. Lindsey and Ethan met in late 2019 but had both been developing their skills at content creators since well before then. Between just the two of them, Lucid Listings Photo and Video has nearly 20 years of experience creating content.

Ethan started his videography journey all the way back in 2008 when his mom purchased a webcam from Best Buy which he used to make his first YouTube video. Since then, Ethan has edited and uploaded over 1,000 videos just to his personal channels alone and has created well over 1,000 more videos for his clients and friends. During his high school years, his YouTube channel received tons of attention and praise, including from the NY Times who wrote an article based on a video that Ethan created. In addition to his experience as a videographer, he began teaching himself Photography in 2017 and hasn't gone more than a month without taking photos with a professional camera since. He has taken photos of nearly everything you can think of, but his specialties now are Drone photography and Automotive Photography.


Lindsey began her photography journey in 2017 as well when she enrolled in a Photography class at her local high school in Lancaster, California. She quickly developed a passion for taking photos and felt the desire to do Photography professionally. She continued to develop her skills over the next few years by practicing as often as she could and getting as much advice from more experienced photographers as she possibly could until she was able to officially begin her Professional Photography Career in 2021. Like Ethan, she will take photos of anything and everything but her specialties now are Real Estate Photography, Wedding Photography, and Event Photography. 


Ethan's profiles:

Instagram: @yorkeeem | @bmwsupremacist | @yorkeerealty

TikTok: @yorkeeem


Lindsey's Profiles:

Instagram: @lindsey_z33 | @lindzlenz | @linzyart

TikTok: @lindsey_z33



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